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Victim & Community Advocacy

  • Work with law enforcement to bridge the growing trust gap between them and communities of color, particularly immigrant communities, who understandably fear police contact so much that many serious crimes go unreported;
  • Create policies and practices that protect the identity and safety of victims and testifying witnesses, including the use of victim and witness cooperation visas;
  • Enforce all victim’s rights laws providing for meaningful notice and an opportunity to be heard, even when victims’ voices are inconvenient for the prosecution;
  • Improve on the mission of our victim advocacy division by increasing staff and funding, implementing meaningful outreach, counseling, and therapeutic services, and providing long-term support to help victims heal after the conclusion of a case;
  • Increase access to legal resources for domestic violence victims; and
  • Implement a strong conviction integrity unit to seek justice for those harmed by yesterday’s misguided criminal justice practices.

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